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Getting started with the TRENTOS® SDK

What exactly does the TRENTOS® SDK contain and what steps are required to set it up on a Linux development machine? With the start of our new video series, we aim to answer these questions by offering you a step-by-step tutorial that will take you through the installation process and all the contents that the SDK provides.

Get to know the exact contents of the SDK

If you have been following along with our previous blog posts that went into more detail on the principles and exceptionalism of the underlying seL4® microkernel and how a secure Operating System can be built on top of it with the TRENTOS® SDK , you might have started to get interested in what exactly this SDK is comprised of and how it will offer you an easy access to the development of seL4 based embedded systems.

What can you learn in our TRENTOS video tutorial sessions?

Instead of having this article go into lengthy details on every folder and every file that the SDK contains to provide a somewhat accurate description of its contents, we decided that this and some of our upcoming topics call for a more visual and hands-on approach. Hence this article along with the marks the beginning of our new video tutorial series.

In these tutorial sessions, we will go through all the contents of the SDK in a step-by-step manner. Starting by unpacking the SDK itself to building and running your first TRENTOS based system we will demonstrate to you, what you exactly can expect from the SDK and how it greatly lowers the entry barriers to the development of secure seL4 based systems.

Easy start with a highly transparent content overview

In the first video session, we will set up the SDK on a Linux development machine and familiarize ourselves with all the contents it provides. This should provide you with a highly transparent insight on what the product itself contains and which specific contents you might want to spend some time on to familiarize yourself with before you start developing your first secure seL4 based system.

So, enjoy the first session and get familiar with the exact contents of the TRENTOS SDK.

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