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Academic License

seL4 and RISC-V are open source technologies and HENSOLDT Cyber wants to contribute to the community. Due to our prominent role in several foundations, e.g. the seL4 Foundation, we see it as our duty to spread the knowledge and use of our work. Therefore we allow students, universities and other organizations to use our products free of charge for teaching and research purposes within our academic licensing scheme.

Commercial License

HENSOLDT Cyber wants to make your IoT network safer, and ease your life in the cyber space. To provide you with a license model that best suits your needs, we have come up with a flexible commercial licensing scheme that scales with your network. TRENTOS licenses are counted in runtimes, no matter the device. Your system will recognize automatically the amount of licenses you are allowed to run and you can quickly upgrade your balance as needed. Naturally we also offer an onsite alternative with a dedicated server. No matter your preference, we will find a solution that fits within your environment and corresponds to your expectations. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Developer License

In the context of our partner program we are committed to go beyond our own abilities and enable independent developers and other companies to contribute to the TRENTOS ecosystem. By signing our SDK agreement, you obtain the license to use our OS framework and the accompanying toolkit to develop or port your own applications and solutions based on TRENTOS. The SDK agreement and the developer license are the first steps to becoming a registered HENSOLDT Cyber partner.

If you have any questions about on how to license our products and which license is the most suitable option for your use case, please feel free to contact our team for guidance. We are happy to help.