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Rethink Cyber Security

The need for cyber security considerations within products is constantly growing. In light of this, security needs to start from the very beginning and has to be an integral part of the development process. This approach drastically reduces the required effort for a successful security certification. Examples of this are national federal agencies-based product certifications as well as internationally relevant security certifications like Common Criteria or European security certifications

Furthermore, security-based development paradigms can be applied through the support of security engineering. Examples for paradigms are security by design, zero trust, self-sovereign identity or cyber resilience. However, getting to an architecture that demonstrates compliance for cyber security aspects takes effort. Therefore, a security audit is a must-have. The result of a security audit shows weaknesses and vulnerabilities in an IT system that can be fixed through mitigation strategies.

HENSOLDT Cyber's Expertise

In order to achieve the certification goals, HENSOLDT Cyber security engineers provide continuous support to your projects. In each project phase, we help you to be aware of the relevant aspects of cyber security from the very beginning. We also provide insights in terms of requirements, regulations and laws to allow your team to focus on the best product possible.

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