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Our Company

HENSOLDT Cyber introduces a paradigm shift to cyber security. We advocate secure IT instead of IT security. Our products have been designed to ensure the integrity of embedded systems at the core: the operating system and the processor. Optimized for use in industrial and defense & aerospace applications, our customers can expect military-grade quality, critical safety, user-friendly flexibility and full transparency for their IoT network. Join us and make the cyberspace a better place.

Our Vision

At HENSOLDT Cyber we develop a digital world which is bringing about a new era of cyber security, where usability and security exist in perfect harmony.
Our mission is to redefine cyber security at its core. We strive to exceed the boundaries of conventional IT security and to provide solid, robust and trustworthy solutions and products. Innovative technologies based on a proven foundation and accessible to all.

About us

HENSOLDT Cyber is a corporate startup striving to change the rules of the cyber security game. By providing secure IT instead of IT security, it establishes a safe baseline for the future of the digital world. As a joint venture between Secure Elements GmbH and HENSOLDT Holding Germany GmbH, HENSOLDT Cyber combines the know-how of more than one hundred years of experience in high-performance technology in the fields of defense and aerospace. Conventional IT solutions are inherently vulnerable, and standard add-on security products treat symptoms rather than addressing the underlying problems, and therefore fail to achieve real security. HENSOLDT Cyber’s approach to cyber security is radically different: Secure IT instead of IT security. We build systems that are secure from the ground up, combining innovative physical protection with mathematical proofs of software correctness to achieve true trustworthiness – “Security Made in Germany”.