Professional Services - FAQs

1. How can HENSOLDT Cyber solutions be integrated in my IT-environment?

Plug & Play – While increasing security, we are also committed to decrease complexity for our customers. Therefore we designed our solutions to be installed with minimal effort. TRENTOS and the accompanying SDK provides users with an intuitive development environment. HENSOLDT Cyber is always happy to assist you with integration services shall the need arise.

2. Can I develop my own TRENTOS solutions as a customer?

Yes, even as a customer you can use the TRENTOS SDK to develop your own secure solutions. As part of our partner program, customers can even choose to offer their solutions to other users on our platform.

3. Is there a development environment or even a demo available for developers?

Yes, the TRENTOS SDK provides users with a fully fledged development environment. Furthermore it also includes an elaborate demo showcasing each TRENTOS component along an Azure Cloud use case and serving as an example for how to build applications.

4. How often do I receive updates?

We are pursuing a semi-annual release schedule which rolls out updates through the secure update feature of TRENTOS.

5. On which hardware platforms does TRENTOS run?

TRENTOS-G offers extensive platform support and runs on MiG-V and other RISC-V processors, Intel x86 and ARM. TRENTOS-M runs on MiG-V and other RISC-V processors and can be run within the ARM TrustZone.

6. Is the MiG-V chip resilient against backdoors?

Yes, prevention of backdoors was our main concern during hardware design and we developed our logic encryption technology specifically for that attack vector. The technology entails an obfuscation of the chip logic, making it impossible for attackers to inject a functional backdoor during the design and manufacturing process.

7. Can I register for a newsletter to receive current information about HENSOLDT Cyber and its products?

You can find current information on our website under News & Events, as well as the feedback and contact form for individual questions.