HENSOLDT Cyber develops embedded IT products that meet the highest security requirements. It integrates an invulnerable operating system with security-hardened hardware to build the most secure product on the global IT market. The company combines more than 50 years of domain experience with world-class expertise in hardware- and software design to achieve global leadership.

The multi-purpose product will be simple, fast, robust and highly dependable.

Conventional IT solutions are inherently vulnerable, and standard add-on security products treat symptoms rather than addressing the underlying problems, and therefore fail to achieve real security. Our approach to cyber security is radically different: Secure IT instead of “IT-security”. We build systems that are secure from the ground up, combining innovative physical protection with mathematical proofs of software correctness to achieve true trustworthiness – “Security Made in Germany”.

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About us

In 2017, Secure Elements and HENSOLDT joined forces by creating the joint venture HENSOLDT Cyber, with the aim of providing military-grade cyber security for embedded systems across a range of industry verticals. Secure Elements was founded by world-leading German technology experts with the purpose of developing a truly secure baseline technology.

HENSOLDT Cyber takes technology derived from the DARPA HACMS (High Assurance Cyber Military Systems) Program to industrial maturity. Combining the know-how if its world-class experts with HENSOLDT’s experience in the defence sector, HENSOLDT Cyber is a perfect partner for developing highly-secure IT products for uses in the defence, Industry 4.0, critical infrastructure and energy sectors.

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Simon Metzner


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Vulnerable systems built on weak foundations can never be made secure by add-on “security” products. Even so-called “secure-by-design” approaches are often based on vulnerable operating systems or hardware – castles built on sand. True security can only be achieved by using truly trustworthy hardware and operating-system software, leveraging the strength of mathematical proof to radically eliminate vulnerabilities, eliminating the need for “security” add-ons.

At HENSOLDT Cyber we rebuild embedded IT from the ground up, with uncompromising security focus. We build on open hardware designs of the RISC-V instruction-set architecture, innovative methods for securing production and supply chain, and an operating system based on the seL4 microkernel, featuring mathematical proofs of security properties.