TRENTOS SDK Evaluation License

Our TRENTOS SDK offers you the unique opportunity to explore the security advantages of the seL4 microkernel firsthand through our operating system TRENTOS.
Evaluation License


Product Benefits

  • Reduction of software complexity
  • Included pre-build components
  • Available as Docker Image
  • Optimization of Time-to-Market
  • High usability

TRENTOS SDK with 3rd Party Extentions

Point Blank

After its founding in 1988, Steen Harbach AG has positioned itself in the innovative market of IT Technology. The company is of one the leading service providers in various fields of information technology. Starting with the development of individual applications, followed by the provisions of managed services as well as the management of high complex IT business projects the portfolio of Steen Harbach AG covers the complete range of modern requirements. Under the brand “PointBlank Security” the company has developed worldwide novel solutions in the sense of consistent security architectures such as IoT, based on its continuous enterprise experience. In addition to secure hardware in the smallest format, PointBlank’s solutions are used for the implementation of cloud-centric processes with the principle of “Security by Design” in mind. Those workflows rely on strong components such as PKI, two-way TLS and the efficient implementation of cryptographic schemes and algorithms


Data OS

Based on a patented process, DataOS brings automation to the field of security administration. All relevant aspects in the configuration of security settings, distribution, renewal, withdrawal and monitoring of certificates as well as patch, access management and license management can be integrated into one security-driven device management platform. Repetitive tasks are automated and performed by software robots – for the sake of indepence from time & place as well as being fault-free and fail-proof.
Within the TRENTOS ecosystem, DataOS is an extension for all network and system administrator tasks. The embedded PKI enables a centralized management of decentralized devices – with a robust and stable security configuration right from the start. DataOS' solutions trigger significant process optimisation for administrators of automation and communication components, in IoT and Industrial IoT setups.


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