Aerospace & Defence


Aerospace & Defense is part of our DNA. As a spinoff of HENSOLDT – one the leading global Defense Electronics firms – HENSOLDT Cyber can look back at a strong legacy in the defense industry and call upon decades of industry experience.

Combining the expertise and legitimacy of an Aerospace & Defense leader with the agility of a startup enables HENSOLDT Cyber to quickly develop and deliver customized high-security solutions for critical environments.

Hardware for military systems

HENSOLDT Cyber is committed to deliver custom-made products facing all the complex cyber security issues. Hardware integrity is ensured by installing our RISC-V processor MiG-V.

Secure Embedded Operating System

TRENTOS is a high-security embedded operating system based on the certifiable seL4 microkernel, the first microkernel that was formally verified. TRENTOS can call upon an elaborate suite of functionalities to fulfill a variety of use cases ranging from encryption, secure communication to data management. As an Embedded Linux substitute, TRENTOS-G modular architecture allows developers and system engineers to further customize and configure solutions and applications while being able to trust a secure base. This makes TRENTOS the perfect choice for critical military systems.