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Embedded IT is the heart of industrial automation and the Internet of Things. With the growing number of connected devices, manufacturers and suppliers find themselves in the crosshairs of cyber attacks. Our technologies aim on limiting the attack surface and reaching a confident level of security across the entire value chain.

Our RISC-V processor chip MiG-V is logically encrypted during the production process and prohibits the infection of hardware with Trojans or other vulnerabilities.

TRENTOS with its flavor TRENTOS presents itself as a secure alternative to Embedded Linux and brings an end to the patch & pray hell. Coming with an elaborate suite of functionalities and applications, TRENTOS introduces security paradigms to the shopfloor. At the same time TRENTOS is retrofit friendly, not rendering older generations of devices and products obsolete, but rather bringing them into the fold of a controlled IT/OT environment. With its modular architecture and open APIs, developers can furthermore customize and configure solutions depending on their environment and even develop own applications from scratch. The extensive HENSOLDT Cyber ecosystem opens a myriad of third party applications which can be run under the supervision of TRENTOS.