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In the age of networked industrial systems, many companies and operators face the challenge of networking and managing decentralized location networks, some of them worldwide. These networked systems are currently protected by a high level of personnel and additional IT security infrastructure. In addition to the enormous hardware resources, the operation of these IT security systems also requires in-depth specialist knowledge from IT specialists. Both are costly.

With VPN-TWIN, HENSOLDT Cyber ​​has developed a solution that companies can use to securely network their locations and industrial systems. This enables simple and effective protection against cyber-attacks on these infrastructures. The VPN-TWIN system was implemented as a plug-and-trust VPN solution.


The HENSOLDT Cyber ​​VPN-TWIN solution enables, for example, two locations, two machines or IoT systems to be connected via the Internet, but also in the location itself using this secure VPN solution. The systems are thus protected against attacks from the Internet.

The VPN-TWIN solution consists of two highly secure VPN-TWIN devices. These systems are simply installed in front of the systems to be protected and thus installed in the network connection. The VPN twin system then isolates your systems from now on and guarantees extensive protection against attacks from the Internet.

The VPN-TWIN systems are based on the newly developed Hensoldt Cyber ​​operating system TRENTOS. It is based on the highly secure seL4 microkernel, currently the only mathematically verified micro kernel. This highly secure basis enables the VPN-TWIN to offer other highly secure functionalities such as: cryptography, certificate management, secure update, secure boot etc.

The VPN twin solution was implemented as a plug-and-trust solution. As a result, the VPN-Twin devices can be integrated into networks quickly and easily, as well as without IT expertise, to effectively protect your systems.

Contact our team of experts to get more information about our VPN-Twin solution. We are happy to help.