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TRENTOS SDK - Evaluation Purpose

Easy Access to seL4

HENSOLDT Cyber offers you the unique opportunity to easily access and explore the security advantages of the seL4 microkernel first hand through our Trusted Entity Operating System, TRENTOS. Our Software Development Kit contains operating system components which you can use to develop your own applications based on seL4 and CAmkES (Component Architecture for microkernel-based Embedded Systems).

Benefit from our extensive documentation and explore our operating system components, by using our Demos and Docker containers for building and testing.

 In order to pre-order the TRENTOS SDK please view the product on desktop browser. 

Technical Specifications

Architecture  Microkernel 
Microkernel  seL4 
Operating System  TRENTOS 
Version  v.1.2 
Docker Container  Custom 
Documentation  included 
Minimum System Requirements   
Operating System  Linux 64 bit 
Component Overview   
CAmkES Software Components and Libraries 

Storage Handling and Filesystem 

Crypto, Keys and Certificate Handling 

Network Stack 




Tools and scripts 


Emulated target environment 

Supported Platforms   
QEMU / ZYNQ7000 

RaspberryPi 3B+ 

Boundary Devices Nitrogen6 SoloX 

Boundary Devices Sabrelite BD-SL-i.MX6 



This product is provided for an intended use in Research & Development with evaluation purpose, whereas this means:

Evaluation Version

Intended use-case

Evaluation any non-academic, commercially acting company, institution or user using the TRENTOS is dealt with as a commercial customer. They gain access to TRENTOS Evaluation by purchasing an evaluation license to evaluate and test the program software for customer´s internal evaluation purposes only.

Specific license terms:

The program software can be installed on any personal computer within the organization purchasing the license. Each installation requires one license.Binaries generated by the LICENSED SOFTWARE do not require runtime licenses given that they are used temporarily for the purpose of evaluation and testing. With each license a maximum number of three devices may be used with binaries at any given time in parallel. The program software shall only be used within the organization purchasing the license. Binaries generated by the LICENSED SOFTWARE may not be distributed outside of the organization purchasing the license.

Maintenance & Support – the commercial customer will not be entitled to receive Updates free of charge.

Further details can be found in the TRENTOS End-User License Agreement (EULA).

Cyber Community & Support

After purchasing the product, you get direct access to:

      • Knowledge Base and Documentation
      • Community
      • Tutorials