A holistic ecosystem – initiated by HENSOLDT Cyber

In a time when the number of connected devices are is rapidly increasing (referred to as the “Internet of Things”) security is often mentioned as “the S in IoT”. That is a good starting point to discuss about security matters and concerns. Actually – we do not really care about the old model of security. We rather believe that there is enough time and potential to take a new, different approach to that “S”.

By developing and providing hardware components for PCB development, as well as an operating system for connected devices in specific environments, we take a combined approach. Following this approach, many systems can be built on that technologies. This systems might be components to be used in embedded systems or embedded systems themselves; creating an ecosystem of secure technologies. This holistic ecosystem provides a solid foundation for new products as well as new and upcoming (security) challenges. Join us on this journey and be part of our community where you can challenge your ideas, contribute with code and bring cyber security to a next level.

We offer you a whole range of cyber security – a highly secure operating system and a unique German RISC-V processor that is logic locked, and which every hacker fails to get into because of the security of our chip.

And we trust in our partners, who create new 3rd party applications to invent new components.

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